Sub Prime Implementation

#1 – The roots of this company were developed in the Sub Prime office. Over the past 15 years, Ted Hamelin has built successful sub prime teams across Canada. Ask us how we can either build you your own sub prime team, train your current team or simply DELIVER and FUND deals your business office cannot or will not execute.

The Sub Prime department is the very heart of your store. It is a living (or dead) representation of your stores’ future potential. This is a bold statement but is supported by the following thoughts.

Business Development:

The Sub Prime business itself is growing exponentially faster than any other area of the automotive business.

People Development:

This department offers deep insight into sales, new car management, used car management, f&I, inventory control, reconditioning, CSI, social media and advertising… This department is where you develop and train your future leadership.

Customer Development:

At the very least, this department has the mandate to take potential customers out of the open market and literally develop them into LIFE customers. At 9-12 months* At 24 months* you have two opportunities to resell and or refinance people that were in tough financial positions. Your store has the expertise to help through non prime auto loan programs hence earning loyalty and referrals.