Dealership Operations

7% NET TO OVERALL SALES SOUND RIGHT? This Key Performance Indicator is not used enough by General Managers nor Dealer Principals. We all know there are two ways to make more money, Create more sales and or spend less creating more sales. Few use this KPI which completely shines the light on both disciplines.

“I have operated franchise stores at 7% net to sales in my recent past. This is no easy accomplishment in our world of compressing front end gross’s and the overall best price search philosophy by almost all customers on the internet. I developed a robust program that examines all expenses incurred and compares those numbers by percentage of sales directly related to the sales the expense created. How does your store match up to best in class?”

From your financial statement we provide you with a detailed report focusing on the following key points of view.

- Management evaluation from a performance perspective
- Financial statement from the manufacturer perspective
- Pay Plans
- Variable, overall performance evaluation by department/manager/staff/
- Fixed, overall performance evaluation by department/manager/staff/
- Sub Prime evaluation by manager/staff/

At this point we can offer best in class recommendations to action to address any areas of performance.
We can work with any point of contact that you as the owner delegate to. We often work with General Managers as team mates and form long lasting relationships much like a 20 group situation.